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About Gail

Motherhood can be a beautiful, rewarding journey. But it's not an easy one, especially for single mothers. From trying to find the time to take care of yourself, your career, and your children, to dealing with financial pressures and emotional ups and downs, you have to be a savvy survivor in many ways.


As a single mother of three for sixteen years, author Gail Cawley Showalter faced the challenges, pain, exhaustion, and heartbreak that so many single mothers face every day with all those early mornings, late nights, and in-between times. For all those years, she managed to handle it all—and emerge as a strong and confident survivor who has "been there done that." She's discovered what works and what doesn't, which bits are helpful and which are downright dangerous.

Now she decided to strip away all the rules and regs and give her fellow single mothers her hard-won wisdom and real-world insight that only comes from years of experience.

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Writing Books that Give Hope

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Gail is a professional writer, with a degree in speech and certifications in art, English, Special Education & Braille instruction. Her passion for writing and empowering single moms led her to write articles, stories and a book that help any reader get out of the rut that comes with single parenthood and into a new life full of joy and hope.

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Gail's Book


Single mothers everywhere have been asking for a book with real-world advice on the personal issues that each woman faces as a single mother and emotional support that's been missing from all the self-help parenting books. An inspiring and practical guide for anyone who is parenting solo, Gail Cawley Showalter’s self-published book Living Learning Loving is the book that single mothers everywhere have been waiting for!

In this latest book, Gail pulls no punches and gives you straight talk about the soul-sucking reality of motherhood when you're a single parent. From the moment you flip through the pages of Living Learning Loving, you'll feel as if you're speaking directly with a compassionate and understanding friend who has children just like yours.

As one reader said: "I don't know how many times I've gone back to reread sections of this book, and how many times I found hope for rebuilding my life in this book's pages."

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Building an Organization for Single Mothers: SMORE for Women

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SMORE is a nonprofit alliance of women whose goal is to help Single Moms be Overjoyed, Rejuvenated, & Empowered. SMORE for Women is dedicated to providing resources, encouragement, and success to moms who are pursuing their education so they can better provide for their children.

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Gail's mission in creating SMORE is to touch women's lives to achieve their highest potential through:

  • Education for employment

  • Improved family functioning

  • Money management

  • Spiritual enrichment

So far SMORE has assisted single mothers in obtaining degrees in Social Work, nursing, business, and more.

Join Gail and the team in recognizing the change these women have made in their own lives and in their communities by making a contribution to SMORE. Your contribution will support the educational needs of single moms while they pursue college degrees, with a focus on empowering them to become self-sufficient and strong leaders in our community.

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Gail as a Public Speaker

Gail is a motivational speaker who has been speaking publicly all her life. She enjoys using the speaking platform to share her personal stories and bares her soul to inspire, encourage and motivate women from diverse backgrounds to move forward in faith.

Audiences find Gail’s approach to be genuine and practical, as she cares for women who are hurting and need direction. And because it is so personal, so raw, and real, those that listen are able to reach down deep and find what they need most - hope. They leave Gail's sessions with their spirits lifted up and smiles on their faces leaving behind the darkness they tried so hard to bury.

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