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Living Learning Loving: Lessons of Insight and Encouragement on the Path of Motherhood

Written from the perspective of a single mom who does it all and can’t seem to get everything done, Living Learning Loving is the book that single mothers everywhere have been waiting for!

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Gail Showalter’s Best-Selling Book


By now, you may have read several other books on parenting. And while all of these books have been helpful in their own way, most parenting books don’t cover the host of unique challenges that every single mother faces. 


Written from the perspective of a single mom who does it all and can’t seem to get everything done, Living Learning Loving is the book that single mothers everywhere have been waiting for! 


It’s an honest look at the challenges of parenting on your own and offers practical guidance on dealing with everything from money management and dating again, to learning how to set boundaries. Whether you’re back in the dating game, trying to juggle work, your kids, and social life, or just feel like your priorities need a bit of tweaking - this book will give you the insights to lead a happier, healthier, and more balanced life as both a single mother and woman.


If you’re a single mom looking for guidance, or just want to relate to another woman who understands the challenges of being a solo parent, this is the book for you!


What People Say About This Book

Gail Showalter's new book, LIVING LEARNING LOVING, is an absolute must-have for the single mother. In twelve easy-to-read chapters, Gail discusses such pertinent subjects as Living with Boundaries, Learning to Wait, and Loving with Wisdom Gathered from Others. At the end of each chapter, Gail includes a short series of self-examining questions for the reader to ponder, with spaces to write responses.


Gail knows her subject well. For sixteen years, she was a single mother, raising three children. She recounts her experiences with insight and humor. While other books about divorce and single motherhood focus mostly on the psychological well-being of the children, Gail addresses the mental, emotional and spiritual health of the mother. Her words of advice and encouragement empower the reader, whether she is newly single or has been a single mother for many years.


By the time she finishes LIVING LEARNING LOVING, the reader is inspired to pursue the goal of SMORE, the alliance Gail established: SINGLE MOMS: OVERJOYED, REJUVENATED & EMPOWERED!

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Meet Gail Cawley Showalter

Single mothers are often overwhelmed by the challenges that come with raising children alone. The emotional toll and financial strain are tough, especially if you're doing it all by yourself. You are always in a constant state of worry, exhaustion, and frustration.


Gail Cawley Showalter struggled with the same issues that other single parents face, which pushed her to write books and articles that offer hope and encouragement to other moms who are struggling in similar ways that she did. Through her writings, she aims to help single mothers get out of the rut that comes with single parenthood and into a new life full of joy and hope in ways they never imagined possible.

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Gail as a Public Speaker

A sought-after motivational speaker, Gail uses her platform to inspire and encourage women from diverse backgrounds. Gail’s speech has a powerful, personal and practical message that inspires, encourages, and motivates women from diverse backgrounds to move forward in faith. She shares stories from her own life experiences, inspiring listeners with a message of hope, healing, and restoration.


If you're interested in booking Gail as a motivational speaker please let us know. We can help get her booked for your next speaking engagement, virtual or in person.

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